Startup Spotlight: MyTutorWeb

MyTutorWebRobert Grabiner owns MyTutorWeb – a UK online tutoring site that provides a host of tutoring services to people doing their GCSE and A-Levels, as well as other educational services. MyTutorweb aims to reduce limitations on tutoring availability and is a very popular UK tutoring site.

1. What gave you the idea to start MyTutorWeb ? Share your story.

The power of the web, computer savviness of children and also the fact so many people can’t find a good tutor in their area promoted me to start MyTutorWeb. If you live in a rural UK area for example you have a lot less choice of tutors than if you live in a big city – I wanted to change that.

2. Creating and growing a two-party marketplace is a really tough undertaking – especially because you have to recruit both the parties. How have you gone about getting the attention of tutors / and students? What’s working for you?

We work with a number of universities, as a number of our tutors come from there. These universities have plenty of fantastic students who also make excellent tutors. Word of mouth travels fast. As regards students, we’ve received a lot of press in local and national papers. In addition, we focus a lot on online marketing – which works well.

3. What has been the biggest challenge for MyTutorWeb? How are you overcoming (or planning on overcoming) it?

We focus on trying to be as innovative and up to the minute as possible and continuingly implement cutting edge solutions – from virtual whiteboards, to allowing replay in full of a lesson. Keeping on top of this and being an innovative company is great, though has its challenges as implementation of new technologies can take time to perfect in full. However, we’re fortunate enough to have some great people who help us.

4. How did you get your very first customer?

Word of mouth and mentions in a local paper really helped us in the beginning, showing that great marketing is about people as much as technology.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

We plan to push MyTutorWeb in the coming 12 months, are releasing a number of new apps for better user experience on tablet and mobile and to increase the standard of quality out service offers to make it the best it can be.

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