Startup PR, Customer Discovery & Website Feedback on a Shoestring Budget

Customer discovery is an interesting process for every startup and if done right, it not only helps you figure out the core of your customer pool but gets you some buzz, feedback and press along the way. However, the only way to get this done on a smaller budget is a relentless hustle.

In order to generate public interest, you do need some people other than you to talk about your site. And, for that you need to request “getting featured” in as many blogs and sites as possible.

Moreover, I believe it’s important that you try to get listed/featured in as many review sites as possible for more exposure and user signups. Here is a sample list that you can go through:

Hacker News -
The Atlantic Technology Channel -…
Appsumo -…
Appvita -
Startuplift -…
Techattitude -
Minisprout -
Emily Chang -
Rev2 -
Ziipa -
On The App -
Next Web App -
DIY Startup News -
AppUseful -
Startup Booster -
Paggu -
Robin Speziale -
Submit Startup -
TechHotSpot -
YouNoodle -
Lovely Pages -
Generation-y Startup -
TechPluto -…
Netted -
Killer Startups -
Springwise -
CrunchBase -
GotoWeb2.0 -
StartupMeme -
SimpleSpark -
VentureBeat Profiles -
FeedMyApp -
BigStartups -
GreatWebApps -
Wwwhatsnew -
Best Websites -
MakeUseOf -
LaunchFeed -
MoMB -
Demo Girl -
WebDev 2.0 -
DzineBlog -
Sociable Blog -
StartupTagWall -  StartupTagWall

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