Ongoing, Actionable Feedback – Our Approach to Help Your Startup Succeed

After working with over 700 startups, we have learnt that feedback on your business is not a one-time event. It, rather, is an ongoing process, where you constantly keep getting actionable feedback and use the feedback to keep improving, keep evolving and keep growing. This is a critical strategy to not only help scale your business but a must-needed approach to better serve your customers.

Getting feedback is great – however, we have learnt that you cannot get feedback and fix everything in one clean sweep. Your business has several critical core components – user interface, pricing/revenue model, on-boarding process, call to action assets, drop off zones, SEO, user-engagement assets, and so on. These components , more or less independent, all work together as a team to get your business running smoothly. You need to give full attention to each of these components, one at a time, and keep improving till you see tangible results. Moreover, once you have more or less completed one round, you then need to go back to step one and reiterate the process again. Much like your workouts, this is an ongoing process that needs constant attention for optimal results.

At StartUpLift, we have devised our business model to help you accomplish thisĀ in an effortless manner – more or less on autopilot after you have signed up.

Here is the gist of how it works:

Every month, we will focus on one core component of your business. We will then review your business for that component and create a unique set of tasks that will help address the features of the component and analyze its strengths and weaknesses. We then create a user panel from our pool of over 10,000 users – who will be assigned these tasks. Based on these tasks, the user panel will critique this component of your business and submit a detailed feedback report. We will provide you this report with a list of actionable items that you can use to improve this component of your business.

For example, lets say we start by focusing on the On-Boarding process for your users. Based on the nature of your business, and on-boarding goals, we will create a set of tasks designed to help address various aspects of this on-boarding process. Our user panel will complete these tasks and we will provide you the feedback report from the users and actionable steps you can take to help remove friction during your on-boarding process.

We then move on to the next critical component of your business, rinse and repeat.

You know the strengths and weaknesses of your business better than we do. We will work with you to address the more critical items first as we begin this process.

In future posts, I will discuss each of these major components and how we plan on addressing each one of them.

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