Journey as an Online Marketer

Simon Online MarketerSimon is 27 year old online marketer from East Europe (Budapest, Hungary to be specific). He owns and operates successful English websites and makes his living online.

1. Tell us about you. How/why did you get started online. Share your story.

My story is quite interesting. I started my journey into the world of online marketing at Europe’s largest insurance company, as a sort of content manager/online marketing guy.

This is where I decided, that I don’t want to be an employee for the rest of my life.

That’s been 4 years. Since then I have been a freelancer, have worked at an inbound marketing agency for 2 years and have worked with really big names (Fortune 500).

I have also founded a small – 3 full time employees + me – online marketing agency focusing on difficult niches (legal high, gambling, Forex, binary options, alcohol, tobacco etc…).

But I have burnt out in just 6 months.

I couldn’t handle working 60 hours per week, every week.

Also online marketing is so complicated and time consuming, that it’s nearly impossible to turn a profit as an agency without comprising quality. And if you lower the quality of your work you are just as likely to hurt your client’s business as you are to help him.

I really did not want to go down that road.

So I closed shop and now I turn my online marketing know-how and expertise directly into profit. I’m now making a living online, focusing on affiliate marketing in difficult niches.

2. How do you generate income online? What’s working for you?

I simply do what I did for my clients. And it works.

I focus on difficult niches and I’m doing it ethically. It really works but it’s really hard.

I own and operate successful affiliate blogs in difficult niches.

3. How do you get help from others? Freelancers? Do you have a team? If you do, how did you go about finding a team of people to help your business?

It’s just me. I do everything from content creation, on-page optimization, all the way to paperwork/accounting. I no longer have any employees.

4. What would you consider your biggest success so far?

Affiliate marketing is the true test of online marketing expertise. It’s 100% performance based.
If you can make it as an affiliate marketing professional you can be sure, that you know a thing or two about online marketing.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

I want to reach 100 K unique visitors per month. That’s my big plan for the year. Right now, I get like 70 – 80 K unique visitors per month.
It will be a lot of work, but seems doable.

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