Are You Making Your First Impression Count?

Every web-page has a purpose. What is yours?

When a prospective customers lands on your website for the first time, you have less than three seconds to get your point across.  In order to get his/her attention, you need to provide answers to the following two questions immediately:

  1. Who/What the site is about?
  2. What’s in it for me (the visitor)?

Bottom line, you need to tell your visitors what they are going to get first. This is the hook that will keep them engaged. Once they know they are going to get what they need, they are going to stick around and listen to the other things that you have to say.

If they don’t know upfront that they are going to get their needs met, you lose them – they don’t care.

Do not focus on how great you or your product is. No-one cares. Mention specific, tangible result that is going to benefit the customer.

Does your website pass the 3-second test?

Submit your URL via the link below. I will be analyzing the first 50 websites submitted and recording a video. In the video, I will pull your site up for 3 seconds and analyze whether you immediately answer the two questions I mentioned above.  If you are interested, submit your URL at the following page: 

Does your website pass the 3-second test?

I will do a follow-up post with the results.


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