12-Day / 12-Step Comprehensive Feedback to Grow Your Business

After working with over 700 startups, we have come up with a very unique business model where, every day, for the next 12 days, we send a group of our users to critique different aspect of your businesss – based on the tasks we create and assign them – to achieve a certain goal. These goals are guided by our 12-step comprehensive feedback process where one feedback module is completed every day.

The purpose of these modules is always to help you improve conversions and acquire more customers.

The 12 modules addressed in the 12-step process are:
1. How to Create an Engaging First Impression.
2. How to remove friction from your On-boarding / Customer-Acquisition Flow
3. How to optimize your pricing/revenue model
4. How to engage customers immediately after they signup
5. How to get more visitors from Search Engines
6. How to get more visitors from Social Media
7. How to capture and convert visitors into leads
8. How to transform leads into paying customers
9. How to encourage/empower existing customers to refer others
10. How to create an impactful communication plan
11. How to upsell your customers
12. How to improve your users’ cross-channel (multi-platform) experience

You can learn more about how it works here. To get started, simply submit your information here.

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